Sunday, May 27, 2012

Style Sunday (+ Cannes Wrap Up)

After that liquid gold Dolce & Gabbana Kylie wore for the premiere of Holy Motors I was sure she'd blow my mind forever and ever. Albeit beautiful, this Roberto Cavalli is a bit underwhelming in terms of Cannes-ity. She does look stunning but the loose hair is a bit meh.

Oh my beloved Diane Kruger. Can we all agree that I should stop profiling other women on this column and just focus on whatever she is up to. She was the picture of fashion forward, orgasmic sartorial taste in this stunning Christian Dior ball gown. The plaid made me think it was McQueen at first but they haven't done any of this in quite a while and Jesus, those lace appliqués are a thing of pure beauty.

Also while we're at this, head over to The Film Experience and read my Cannes wrap up.


Jo López said...

Diane Kruger estuvo genial en cada vestido que se puso :D

Jose Solís said...

La amé! Quiero que sea jueza SIEMPRE!

Louisa said...

diane kruger looked stunning throughout cannes! beautiful woman!