Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sheet-y Saturday.

Where we take a look at posters for upcoming features.

I don't know how I feel about the idea of the movie itself but I am digging their use of the iconic logo, also using the song as tagline is genius, which only makes me wonder...if they're relying on the original one's elements so much, why the hell was an update even necessary?

I would give my arm to see this movie ASAP! I've heard only wonderful things about it and this Chungking Express inspired poster just makes me want to hug the idea of watching it!

Can this movie please open today? Got to love how well they're using the floating heads to show us the range of emotions the actors will provide (this is an entire FYC campaign in the making!).
The use of colors is remarkable and it reveals a bit how the film isn't a full on drama. Extra points for Jodie's faces. That smile is still as captivating as it was in 1976.

So, dying to cut loose some carnage this weekend? (Hardy har har) No really, which of these posters make you go gaga?


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

I want to watch all the CARNAGE actors in the movie they make from the faces in the middle. Kate's "bitch,please" face is just golden.

And Jodie foster looks adorable. Who'd have thought?

Robert said...

I second Andrew! I mean, the poster is great in general but Kate's bitch face is priceless. And, seeing Jodie Foster up there at the top looking all fierce and actorly is getting me really excited, I miss Jodie.

Paolo said...

My favourite in the poster is actually John C. Reilly, who looks good on all blue, red and purple. It takes a while for the genius of this poster to sink in but there it is.

Lucas Dantas said...

the carnage poster YES it's genius!! said...

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