Sunday, May 22, 2011

Style Sunday.

I am so happy that Kirsten Dunst finally decided to dress like a movie star! She has been flawless for the entirety of the Cannes Film Festival and this Chanel Couture is more than enough proof of it.
The thing with Kiki is that she has an awkward body posture, she still stands like a teenager and often hunches as if trying to hide her breasts. This is kinda cute when you think about it but when she pairs it with disastrous gowns, she just looks psycho.
The simplicity of this Chanel design seems to make Kiki feel right at home, gotta love that she went with black stilettos to finish her look and also did stunning hair and makeup.
Best part of all? She ended up going home with the coolest accessory ever...

...the Best Actress award (not Edgar Ramírez...)

What's your take on Kiki's style evolution? Did you like her more as a crazy bag lady or is this new, more serious Ms. Dunst working better for you?


Juank said...

We have to see her on melancholia but with the trailer she looks promising as a serious Dunst ( the 30s are on the corner ). ( By the way, the third actress in a von trier movie to won the best actress award on Cannes ? )

Jose said...

Yes she is, after Bjork and Charlotte Gainsbourg.
Although it should be five by now! Nicole Kidman should've won for "Dogville" and Emily Watson should've won for "Breaking the Waves".

Castor said...

Guess she had win, she gave a great performance sitting next to von Trier during that infamous press junket!!! ;p

PS: I love those Blogger CAPCHA giving me unreadable 20-letters code

Juank said...

much agree with you Jose, my skin just crisp after you mention breaking the waves and most in part because of Emily Watson performance. By the way, does Von Trier still planing on finish the dogville trilogy ? when Von Trier, When!!!

El pillo said...

Im sorry ... but her "handkerchief" Lacroix dress was perfection. She looks ok. Dont like the hair.