Sunday, May 15, 2011

Style Sunday.

Pé's back!
After a string of red carpet disappointments, which I'll attribute to postpartum disorientation, the Spanish beauty has began to command red carpets the world over, while she promotes the new Pirates movie.

In Russia, she was a winter delight in this simple Emilio Pucci pencil dress. You gotta love Pucci's use of snowflakes as pattern and remarkably, despite how it all screams cliché (bows and snow in Russia, really?), Pé actually looks hot! Yay for the return of the bangs too!

Now on to the sunny Cannes, she goes for one of Stella McCartney's form fitting designs. The simplicity of this dress truly highlight the hard work Pé must've been doing to get rid of the baby weight. She looks absolutely fabulous! The loose hair works wonders for her too.

Then finally, she really blows our minds in this beautifully detailed nude and lilac gown from Marchesa. Love how the appliqués and embroideries seem to have been glued to her curvaceous body and despite the oddity of the shoulder puffs, she pulls off a stunning mermaid look that's sure to send her all the way to year end lists as one of 2011's best looks...

...and the bangs? Just wow!

Had you missed Pé as much as I did?


Robert said...

I love that Pe's back! The third dress is easily my favorite - it's obvious that those types of frilly gowns are the best on her. Haha

Candice Frederick said...

i LOVE her! she's totally redeemed herself from her oscar wardorbe misstep

Jose said...

Robert: indeed! I missed her so much.

Candice: amen.