Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Promise I Will Stop Soon...

...but at the moment I simply can not get enough of watching this dress.

It's funny how the entire internet is split in half regarding their love or utter hate for this Givenchy Couture creation.
I'm among the former as you all know but honestly, just take a look at the level of craftsmanship put into this. Imagine how each pearl was carefully put in place by a group of Givenchy artisans. I once read a fascinating article on Vogue about the way in which the great ateliers work and this, like Marion Cotillard's 2008 dress, are the kind of things that entire armies of people lose sleep for.

Then I saw the back, which I hadn't noticed before and I continued my slow, but steady, fashion orgasm (glamgasm, stylegasm?).
The texture of the fabric with the violent invasion of the yellow pearls makes for a breathtaking sight.
Seriously dissenters, I know you've decided this is the devil's work and have compared it to Lord of the Rings, but once again you're forgetting that fashion is as much of an art as filmmaking is.
Imagine this dress as a David Lynch script made by Jane Campion.

While you give this a thought, us Cate lovers will keep on drooling at the sight of this (I think it'll go down as the best fashion look of 2011).

PS: read this piece about the dress.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

A David Lynch script made by Jane Campion.

You have such a way with your metaphors.

And she looks lovely, but it's Cate...so that much is a given. :)

www.teruel-3d.com said...

It will not really have effect, I feel like this.