Monday, March 14, 2011

The F*** Buddy.

Click here to read my review for No Strings Attached.
Good thing AMPAS didn't see this before choosing Natalie Portman as their Best Actress of 2010...
I thought the concept was rather good but the execution was ridiculous. I mean, we all know fuck buddies are the thing for our generation, but do they really need to downgrade the roles of women so much and turn them into needy creatures just sitting (and f***ing around) while they wait for Prince Charming to rock their world?

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Simon said...

Because we're obviously a bunch of passive whiny bitches who maybe, MAYBE get to spout some witty catchphrases. For serious.

But I still liked it. One of those movies I would totally watch on a plane without feeling utter, hopless claustrophobia.

Lucas Dantas said...

"It’s not unusual nowadays to see a movie that calls itself a romantic comedy, which quite literally uses women in power roles as an excuse to call out desperately for the return of “love at first sight” and other genre conventions."

remember that most women [and i'm talking only about the western world] also embodies these standards. since feminism became this dreaded lesbian thing, some girls just seem to dumb down themselves in pretending to be oblivious to the ways men still manipulate society.

because, i think, everybody got fed up with the whole "battle of the sexes" philosophy, people from our generation seem to be forgetting that before finishing or giving the war up, we've still gotta realized what exactly we're fighting for. equal rights? female supremacy? i dunno... think i deranged a little bit lol...

but anyways, the problem is not that the industry is afraid of women empowerment; the thing is it looks like that the women who did all the big changes in society are failing to pass the knowledge ahead to not only their daughters but to also their sons.

Jose said...

Simon: LMAO.
Well yes, I guess if I had no choice I would watch it again.

Ho: did you see that 30 Rock episode a few weeks ago where Liz Lemon tries to turn a bimbo writer into a "serious" woman? If not, you MUST!
True, that battle, was a long fight for an unknown cause but in the end women lost anyway. They're still mostly accessories.

okinawaassault said...

There are still memorable moments here that would have been classic lines had the movie been better. Leona Lewis will never be the same for my friends.

I don't think it's just women who change from 'free spirit' to monogamous. I don't, however, know why female characters are subjected to this transformation more than men. It takes the genre's convention of 'when in doubt, marry,' which might not be too bad but might not be too good neither. said...

It won't succeed as a matter of fact, that's exactly what I think.