Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vicky Cristina Deliciosa.

After my first screening of Woody Allen's "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" I was completely transfixed. Its combination of deeply felt nostalgia, eroticism and soul search makes it arguably his best film since "Everyone Says I Love You".
I loved the performances (where the hell has Rebecca Hall been all my life?) and like Peter Travers put it "you haven't lived till you've heard Cruz and Bardem trading Woody Allen one-liners in Spanish. "
I recommend a viewing after a big nice meal (with lots of garlic) and a bottle of wine; the film, like the food, will result absolutely delicious.
Expect my review very soon.


Luis Blasini said...

Indeed, Jose, Woody has proven in his last few films that he had found the stride from his salad days when he made films like "Crime & Misdemeanors." This film is funny, sad, intelligent, engaging and enlightening. Woody's signature is all over each character, each one taking turns at channeling his petulance and his self-doubts. Very happy to see Ms. Cruz in another great role after Volver, her escape from the Rosie Perez roles Hollywood stuck her with. What is love? Will we ever find it? Will we overcome our fears and take the leap when it appears even if it doesn't look like its "supposed to?" Perhaps someone will be inspired - I was.

Oh - and you deleted your other page?

Jose said...

All you say is true and the fact that Allen hasn't found the answers to all that yet makes me feel a bit more "normal".
I cancelled my MySpace again if that's what you mean, I always get the spam there lol.

Luis Blasini said...

You do realise there is now a spam filter? Added a few months ago - but, hey, your desision.
And what? You don't want some chick with DD boobs as a friend from Wisconsin that wants to hook you up with her randy mother? C'mon, Jose!!