Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Knight's Threat.

Jim Emerson has written a great article about two of the subjects that have interested me the most in the last few weeks: the sad disappearance of film criticism from print media and the ridiculous fanboy-ism of "The Dark Knight" followers who have become Neo-Nazi in their threats about why the movie they like best is the one that needs to win every year end award.
About the Batman insanity he writes "[According to "The Dark Knight" partisans] The picture must be showered with year-end awards consistent with the all-consuming Batmania of last July, no matter what else was released in 2008.", then he makes a hilarious point about how these people, who now condemn critics for not falling for the hoopla, are exactly the kind of people that choose tabloids and gossip over actual film criticism.
Emerson points out, "So, to conclude, dead critics who are not now hailing "The Dark Knight" as the greatest cinematic achievement of the year (or all years) are being inconsistent with what they may or may not have said earlier, and are thus sealing their own coffins."
The entire article is a must read and a sad reminder of why we need film critics to survive.
Read it here.

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