Monday, October 27, 2008

The 7 Things.

Making me suspicious of his knowledge about the freaky list maker in me, Michael of "My Stuff and Cr*p" has tagged me in a meme where one is to reveal seven dark secrets about themselves.
OK maybe dark is too much; it's just about random stuff. Like him, I have chosen to make mine about the movies (as sadly my private life isn't half as fascinating to strangers and would sound more David Lynch than tabloid fodder).
So without further ado, here they are:

1. I hated the 2005 Oscars so much that I was this close to not watching them.
Not only was I an adamant non-supporter of "Brokeback Mountain", but I loathed "Crash" and most of the other nominees (even Best Actress was a turn off for me). None of the Best Picture nominees of the year made my Top Ten of that year, which is a first for me.

2. I know who won the Oscar for Best Picture every year.
Try me. People who know this make me feel like the kid from "Magnolia" sometimes.

3. I simply can not enter a theater if I know the movie has started.
I never take bathroom breaks either and I rarely pause DVDs.

4. Federico Fellini is one (out of three) of my favorite directors ever, but I don't own any of his films and have seen most only once.

5. Contrary to popular belief that I am a robot, I have cried with some movies. But while most of them just make me misty eyed and a bit angsty, only two have made actual tears fall down my cheeks, roll down my face and gave me a runny nose. The distinguished weepies are "Stepmom" and "Out of Africa".

6. I have a few so called "rainy day movies" which I automatically pop into my player when I'm feeling down, they are: "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "Casablanca", "Far From Heaven", "The Wizard of Oz" and "Volver".
They always lift my mood up again.

7. I hate Hilary Swank, but I own "Boys Don't Cry" and "Million Dollar Baby".

...I make you love me, I do.


Michael Parsons said... is another chance for you to shout at me. I have never seen a Fellini film.

I find it hard to cry in films too, can only do so in private. There are only two occasions where I have publically wept as an adult. 'In America' and 'Dancer in the Dark'

Jose said...

Shout at you?
Times like these require "A Clockwork Orange" maneuvers!

Luis Blasini said...

I only cry when I realize I paid 10.95 for a crappy movie. So, I guess I've been crying a lot lately.