Friday, October 31, 2008

My Beautiful Showerette.

Read this story and join me in disapproving of the celibate execs over at Disney who thought a showering Zac Efron in "High School Musical 3" would've been scandalous.
He's legal for crying out loud!
Then again, they might just be thinking about us and saving it all for a gigantic, splendiferous, gargantuan DVD box set.
Considering that the two previous films have come in the shapes of an "Encore Edition", a "Remix Edition" and a "Extended Edition" among others, and more to come, one can only wonder how will they name the one with Zac's extended scene...
The "Bathhouse Fun Edition".
The "Don't Drop the Soap Edition".
The "Can't Stop the Beat(ing) Edition".

Do you think "High School Musical 3" will have a longer life on DVD if they include this? And if so what would you name the edition?


Michael Parsons said...

they do not want to over excite the gay fans. can't have their golden boy tempted to go to the dark side

J.D. said...

I'll buy every single edition if they include this scene in them. Like, 20 copies each. A day.


Sally Belle said...

They'll put it on the DVD...or find another way to exploit it.

I hate Disney.

I hate HSM as well.

And please, like Efron isn't already gay?