Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two Things I Didn't Know About Harry Shum, Jr.

First of all yowza. No wonder the girl dumped the guy for him.
I mean I sorta saw this one coming but I was willing to give one of the bigger guys the benefit of having the perfect body.

Second of all, did you guys know Harry was born right here in Costa Rica? Down where I live? Maybe not cool but some of us can never get enough useless trivia huh?
Speaking of which just how crappy was that season premiere? It was like deja vu from season one all over again...any of you liked it?


Michael Parsons said...

He is from cOsta Rica! Cool!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Trust you to post about this. It was weird, but I liked it - duh.

Jose said...

I know Michael!

Andrew: well yes duh indeed haha.

Lucas Dantas said...


Leonel said...

I liked it, inconsistent and forced at times (A chorus line's "what I did for love"? really?) but good enough to start. Season premieres are always awkward.