Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sheet-y Saturday.

Where we take a look at posters for upcoming features.

The upper half of this poster is a thing of beauty. Simple illustrations to make a powerful point.
The lower half is a mess though. Not only is it a total ripoff of things that have been done better before but the images and credits are so conflicting.
For starters the movie is called Company Men, emphasis in "men", yet we have the awesome Maria Bello right in the middle of that testosterone party looking all lost and confused.
What's weird isn't that the lack of her name among the credits makes this seem like some misogynist Neil Labute experiment but that once you realize she's the only one in that group who doesn't have an Oscar (or a goddamn nomination for starters!) makes it all seem more unfair and just plain bad.

This movie is honestly making me think of this too much.
But just how cute was Matt Damon in the 30 Rock season premiere?

Interested in either of these movies?
Also I just realized this edition of Sheet-y Saturday paired Ben and Matt, I promise it was totally unintentional.


Castor said...

Looking forward to The Company Men which could be a nice complement to Up in the Air. Hereafter, not so much...

simoncolumb said...

The top of THE COMPANY MEN is a complete rip-off of GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS I'm sure!


Jose said...

Castor: I agree.

simoncolumb: you're absolutely right!

Simon said...

Bland and interesting, the lot of them. Except, yes, for the top half of Company Men.

So we're back to blue people, are we?