Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oscar Fashion: Split Decision.

Carey Mulligan

I was a big supporter of the mid length thing Carey did at the BAFTA's but this Prada dress doesn't work precisely because of that effect.
Mulligan is very petite and while the top (including makeup and earrings) is perfection, the bottom looks too wide for her to carry.
Plus if you're gonna show the world the shoes you're wearing you should make sure they're gorgeous creations not the clunky, strapped platforms she chose.

Sandra Bullock

The embroidery in this Marchesa gown was stunning and Sandra accentuated the paleness of the color perfectly with the best use of lipstick in the whole event but something about the fabric reminded me too much of an old Chinese purse I saw somewhere.
Extra points for not being subtle at all about the fact she was going to win and making Oscar look great with the color she chose.

Kate Winslet

Simplicity is usually a really good thing, but the tight bodice and pantsy looking shape of this dress make Oscar winner Winslet look as if she didn't even try.
The makeup and Veronica Lake hair are perfection but the rest isn't half as memorable as she has us used to.
Kudos for looking so fresh and gorgeous though. She's been radiant since last year's red carpet run. That newly found sense of freedom makes Kate look more gorgeous than ever.

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Castor said...

Totally agree that simplicity is usually a great thing. I realize some want to push the envelope but IMO, most fails and just end up being attention "whores" (sorry, harsh word but I don't what else to say). Go with simple and low key and let your natural beauty do the rest.

I will have my best dressed ready but it will be up in a day or two. Massive logjam of posts :(