Thursday, December 31, 2009

FYC: Best Actor in a Leading Role

Filippo Timi for "Vincere"

Willem Dafoe for "Antichrist"

Sam Rockwell for "Moon"

Tom Hardy for "Bronson"

None of them will ever happen.
But they make more sense in my mind than that Yoda redux Morgan Freeman has been getting so praised for.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Only saw Moon and Antichrist, and as much as I like Defoe [enough that I wish he was nominated for The English Patient] I just do NOT like Antichrist, I could jump on the Rockwell bandwagon. And yes, Invictus was horrid and Freeman wasn't good. Why is it whenever he goes with Clint he gets wooden?

Jose said...

I'm one of the only people out there who unashamedly loved "Antichrist", but yeah I see why you can't get on his bandwagon.
About Freeman I simply have no idea! I was watching Leno the other day and he's much better talking about the movie than in the movie itself. He mentioned something about how charming Mandela is and how that's tough to recreate. But honestly Morgan Freeman is like charm on legs! Hell I even find him sexy and he could be my grandpa, so of course he can be as charming as Mandela! I think Eastwood infects him with that grandiose self importance most of his recent movies have had and he ends up giving affected, shallow performances.

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