Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Woman of Ill Repute.

The tagline in the poster for 1949's "Under Capricorn" read "Ingrid Bergman shows you the heights and the depths to which a woman like this can go".
Why not concentrate on the power of the actual plot twists, the presence of the other actors or the fact that it was directed by Hitchcock and instead concentrate on Bergman and her abilities?
Can it be perhaps that the marketing team was trying to sell the film based on the scandal that was going on in the actress' life?
"Under Capricorn" was released in September 1949, time by which Bergman had left her husband, and daughter, to live with legendary director Roberto Rossellini in Italy.
It's well known that she gave birth to several children with him, that she became persona non grata in the United States and that she ended making one of those legendary comebacks a few years later winning two subsequent Oscars that make her only second in number of all time wins.
What caught my eye though was what would happen of marketing people now tried to sell us the films based on actual scandals?
Can it be that movie marketing, as bad as most of it seems, has actually gone classy?

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Matt said...

good point... but my interest is piqued here... i'll have to check this one out.