Monday, April 20, 2009

Rest in Peace Edie Britt.

"My boobs are impressive, but they can't bend iron bars."

With the death of Edie Britt in last night's "Desperate Housewives" what is left for the show?
The event, which wasn't a surprise in light of the cliffhanger three weeks ago and the news that Nicollette Sheridan was leaving the show even before that, came off as completely anticlimactic and dull.
The episode was structured exactly like the 13th episode this season as the main characters reminisce about someone who has died and in a sign of how the show has been deterring its quality from episode one downwards, it didn't advance the plot at all.
Watching it and relishing in the last moments of Sheridan's iconic Edie, I wondered how will the producers keep this show alive much longer?
Or am I making too big a deal about Edie's death?
Now, with no "Tara", "Conchords","Battlestar" and Patty Hewes and with the iminent season fianles of "30 Rock", "Ugly Betty" and "Gossip Girl" what the hell will I watch on TV?
Suggestions someone?


marcela said...

Books are back!

Y puse a Herminio a bajar "Mad men". Qué fotografía más espectacular, y la serie parece interesante.

mB said...

I second the Mad Men suggestion (if you love Edie, you'll love Joan!) and that should be back soon...

Er, in dire times I always just put my Buffy DVDs back in the player.