Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Prada dress has never broke my heart before...

...but the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences certainly has.
So with that in mind, and after my second viewing of "Sex", I'll throw in a few, very early "For Your Consideration" suggestions that might seem a bit too fanboy-ish at first glance (I have justifications for all of them, so feel free to ask after you gasp), but which I promise to stick to until awards season.
Best Costume Design - Patricia Field
Best Original Song - "Labels or Love", Fergie
Best Actress in a Supporting Role - Kristin Davis


mB said...

I would suggest J-Hud's song over Fergie's. Not only is it a better song, but J-Hud comes (like it or not) with an Academy-friendly field.
But here's hoping Pat Field gets her second nomination this time around :)

Jose said...

I completely agree Hudson has the better song (and that Oscar to go with it) but I was thinking that "All Dressed In Love" has a more showtune feel to it and the Academy hasn't been going for those lately (Proof is that none of the "Dreamgirls"' songs won, and "Love You I Do" sounds a lot like "All Dressed In Love).
While hip-hop and rap lately have been turning those voters crazy. If they vote like Grammy people, Fergie won't be such a longshot (and just imagine how cool a runway show would go with it while she performs), except unless they deem the song isn't original (it does sample the show's theme) or something like that.