Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex Box Office.

Apparently "Sex and the City" is on its way to having one of the most profitable openings of all time (read complete story here) but the thing that bothers me most is that they always link the words "chick flick" to this.
As successful and influential as the show has been for more than a decade (four years of which it has been off the air) its impossible not to wonder why has it been getting so attacked lately.
People have been awful to the movie and it might all come down to inherent chauvinism.
When did it become so threatening for men to actually conceive that Carrie Bradshaw might defeat Indiana Jones at the box office?
It may or may not happen, but the crap the film has been getting is enough for you to root for it and want it to shut narrow minded people's mouths once and for all.
June 6th just can't come soon enough for me.


Michael Parsons said...

I really enjoyed the film. It was like being out with old friends!

woodstock said...

i'm on with you!!
and if it opens here inconquista at the same date as everywhere else i'm going on the first day!!

Juank said...

i saw the movie and is good, is very enjoyable ( specially for the fans ) you have more than two hours film where you dont feel bored at all. you have a lot of the four main characters good stuff ( samantha takes the show with the big funny jokes and situations ) and you can feel the essence of the original book and tv serie with an apropiate ending ( i think )