Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ten Reasons Why I Love This Shot:

  • It's always the first thing I remember from this movie, going all the way back to when I first saw it as a child.
  • Judy conveys such precise emotions in it: longing, sadness about leaving Oz, something that recalls pure ecstasy too.
  • The superimposition is so symbolic! You have shoes within her head, as if to warn us that everything involving the shoes, hence this journey, was always inside Dorothy's mind. She's also divided, as if her two sides are fighting to stay here (lose her mind in the process?)
  • The spirals remind me of Vertigo. Was Hitch a fan of this?
  • The sound that accompanies this scene seems to have inspired endless movies afterwards. The jingling became synonymous with thought processes.
  • Judy's hair looks fabulous!
  • Coming from one of the most moving moments in the film, it's surprising to see how as a director Fleming made it possible for us to switch from emotion to emotion so easily. Sadness, fear and hope are contained in a few frames.
  • I often find myself reenacting it while waiting for the subway.
  • It allows the movie to shine on a technical level and shows how groundbreaking it was in terms of special effects and color cinematography.
  • It's awesome when you're high (or so I've heard...)

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awww. that last sentence. I'm totally going to do one of the future episodes in list format like this.

LISTS. the list is life.


also. you're always thinking of shoes aren't you?

Jose Solís said...

Amen to the list is life.

Guilty as charge, re: the shoes. You always say I'm linking everything to either this or "Sex and the City" though, so I tried not to bring up the shoes as