Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wandering Eye.

Recently I was contacted by filmmaker Shiphrah Meditz about her upcoming movie called The Dying Eye which will be shooting in Edinburgh this year and has an interesting crowdfunding campaign going on at the moment. As you all know I rarely discuss upcoming projects here, but I found her project enchanting to say the least and I really liked the fact that she has set up a whole blog devoted to the filming of the movie.
Let's all wish her good luck and donate some cash to help her achieve her goal. Be sure to visit her blog for updates. Few things are as fascinating as behind-the-scenes adventures.

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Shiphrah Meditz said...

Thank You, Jose, for spreading the word about "The Dying Eye!" I'm so glad to have the support of "Movies Kick Ass!" (which they 100% do, by the way!)

Shiphrah Meditz (director of "The Dying Eye")