Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Forget Your Troubles, Come on Get Oscar!

If Anne Hathaway wants an Oscar she's being quite proactive about it. According to Screen Daily (read article here) she's attached to play none other than Judy Garland in an upcoming biopic for the Academy friendly Weinstein Company.
Harvey referred to Anne as "a class act" and who can argue about this? (Who would you have cast?) She proved she has singing chops at the Oscars this year, she showed she can play very dramatic in "Rachel Getting Married", bubbly fun in the "Princess" films and after Amber Tamblyn (and Tammy Blanchard who won an Emmy for playing young Judy) she's perhaps the closest lookalike to the tragic legendary performer.
So everybody go ahead and place your bets, Anne Hathaway for Best Actress whenever it is this film is released...

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Matt said...

this sounds awesome. i can't wait. so many good projects in 'the works' right now. I hope she goes through with it, because she is wonderful but at times shows signs of being willing to take, shall i say, less than worthy roles?