Saturday, September 6, 2008

Suddenly, Last Total Eclipse of the Sun

Watching "Little Shop of Horrors" my mind couldn't help from wandering off into the degrees of separation games I often play.
Chuckling that the evil plant was named Audrey, and after wondering if this is a name for both men and women, I remembered my favorite Audrey of them all; Miss Hepburn of course.
Hepburn led me to remembering Katharine and of course the whole evil flesh eating plant thing immediately made me recall "Suddenly, Last Summer" in which Kate plays Violet Venable, a slightly deranged mother trying to get Elizabeth Taylor lobotomized, who also happens to love venus fly traps.
Later when Audrey performs the wicked "Mean Green Mother From Outer Space" I had an epiphany, or something like it: Audrey II in a way is none other than Violet Venable in her ultimate form.
The Tennessee Williams character had now evolved and merged her not so good parenting skills with the plants she obsessed about the most.
As that plant, and its little offspring, sang and laughed at poor Rick Moranis, I couldn't stop thinking that after escaping it would go out and get Liz's lobotomy done.
I also couldn't help but wonder how good Kate would've been playing the part...

- This post is part of "Musical of the Month" hosted by Nathaniel Rogers of "The Film Experience".

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