Monday, July 21, 2008

Now, seriously?

According to the wise voters at IMDB, Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" is the greatest film EVER made.
Yes, above "Gone With the Wind", "Lawrence of Arabia", "The Rules of the Game", anything by Scorsese, Truffaut and Hitchcock, "The Wizard of Oz"...and you get my point.
I first noticed this over at Mark's blog, but assumed it would go away after a few hours. Seeing it's still there I can't help but wonder how long will it be before an inevitable backlash?
Shall we say we owe this to fanboys voting en masse? Overhype? Or are they actually right?
How will this excessive good will (after that massive box office thing) affect the film's chances at awards? Am I the only one sick and tired of listening that Heath Ledger deserves an Oscar?
The answers to all this and more later, at the very bat-time, in the same bat-blog.

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Michael Parsons said...

Email me you link please!!

New film that are fresh always get big votes on IMDB. Fans are so enthralled that they rush around giving it huge votes. It will come down in time.

And by the way Heath Ledger deserves an Oscar ;)