Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anthony Minghella 1954-2008

Academy Award winner director, producer and writer Anthony Minghella passed away after complications during a surgery.
His death comes is as surprising as it is tragic, especially for a man who was constantly pushing himself in terms of cinematic quality.
While I'm not a fan of "The English Patient" it's impossible not to admire the scope it achieved as an independent film.
Personally I find the director's best quality to be his appropriation of adapted material, he proved my idea that sometimes you just don't have to write original stuff to deliver a powerful message or say something about yourself.
His craft was pure classic moviemaking, in films like "Cold Mountain" he delivered abewildering, epic spectacle that evoked "Doctor Zhivago" (even in the cold manner with which he linked the leads making for an unconventional love story).
But it was in "The Talented Mr. Ripley"(one of my favorite films of all time) where he reached his biggest achievement. With a pitch perfect cast and pedigree filmmaking the likes of which we see only once or twice in a decade, he gave an aura of charm and mystery to a recent era, in the process creating Jude Law's golden boy image and directing Cate Blanchett to one of her best, and curiously underrated, performances.
Rest in peace.

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RC said...

yes, this really is too bad for sure. i feel like there were tons of great films left in him.

films that were different and good.